Est.1968 - Regd. No. B/1127/Surat - Malekpore

Anjuman-E-Talimul Muslimeen

Surat | Tapi | Navsari | Valsad | Dang


To empower young minds with competence and knowledge of Education.

To achieve excellence in education with meaningful and productive linkages with others.

Driven with a passion to bridge the educational gap between the Muslim society and the rest.


To uplift the unprivileged an impoverished segment of society by education and provide opportunity to have better life.


To encourage the students (Boys and Girls) in education by giving help and prize to poor and deserving students (Boys and Girls) within the limits of funds, subjected to rules and regulation.

To accommodate for lodging boarding and other residential facilities to the students by starting the institution like Darul Uloom at the earliest possible when the institution gets stability.

To established Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools. Collage and division for imparting training and education of Science, Arts, Commerce, Law, Medical, Technical and Vocational. To establish Madrassa (basic primary religious study) and to establish and to manage separate Hostel for Boys and Girls.

To establishing trust and separate autonomous establishment for every sort of training and industrial training. And to make such provision by which this trust can watch and keep supervision on the administration of those trusts. And also make such provision in constitution of those trusts that the administration can be done under guidance of this trust.

To do necessary activities for collection of funds for this works, however these activities will be done without intention to profit earning.


At present we have our "Residential School" complex set-up for academic education to the poor students from all walks. However looking to our success in the field of educational activities, we would like to develop following additional facilities.

To establish and run separate hostel for the girls.

To develop a school complex with college, I.T.I. and polytechnic in the premises.

Premises to provide education to the poor students up to higher secondary.

To set up a technical school to impart technical training to the students for self- employment.

To start a full fledge tailoring and embroidery class for the girls, ladies, and widows.

To set up full fledge computer education center for the young generation to seek self-employment.

To set up a hospital to provide free medical facilities to the people from poor walks, as the Dist. Itself is a backward district.

To start a free coaching class (Vacation Class) for the poor students to accomplish std.–X successfully by flying colors.

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