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Anjuman-E-Talimul Muslimeen

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About free Boys’ Hostel

With time, the members of ATM recognised an important role a free boarding facility plays in enhancing the attendance and the academic development of the pupils.

Therefore, ATM established the Boys’ Hostel in 1990. In the beginning, the hostel was for the students from 8th to 10th standard which was extended for all the students from 1st to 12th standard with a total capacity for 300 to 310 pupils.

In the Anjuman boys hostel accommodated candidates belongs from slum and very back ward area as well mostly Orphan candidates accommodated in hostel and we providing education to them at free of cost.

About Hostel

Anjuman Boys Hostel Managed by ATM Trust Malekpore. Hostel was established in the year 1990 and it is situated in Anjuman Campus at Malekpore. At that time when it started the strength of the boarders in the hostel was 25. At that time we had only one in house hostel in village then today with the grace of Almighty we have 22 rooms. Among these rooms 7 are newly built. One of the rooms is specially built as “Gym”. Today the total strength of boys in this hostel is over 300. In order to provide for the better facilities to the boarders there is limited strength.

Boarders from the different district of Gujarat as well from other states like Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal etc whose parents migrated in Gujarat come and stay in hostel as they get both Deeni as well as Dunyavi Education.

Poor Students are not been charged a single penny and are given education at minimal cost. Students those who are poor / orphan (Yatim) and unable to pay the fees are given facilities like free ship or half fees and these are all provided by the trust. These students from the donations and the donors who adopt the students. They can also adopt orphan from money of Zakat, Sadkah, Fitra etc.

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