Est.1968 - Regd. No. B/1127/Surat - Malekpore

Anjuman-E-Talimul Muslimeen

Surat | Tapi | Navsari | Valsad | Dang

Education is Power

Anjuman Malekpore is a NON-PROFIT ORGANISATION

In 1968, when India was celebrating 20 years of its independence, a handful of sympathetic and generous members of the Muslim community from Malekpore, Surat, Valsad, Navsari and Vyara (South Gujarat region) recognised a pressing need of the growing society with respect to their educational development and socio-economical conditions.

Furthermore, they were driven with a passion to bridge the educational gap between the Muslim society and the rest. With this vision, they established Anjuman-e-Talimul Muslimeen Trust to bring the community together and uplift them by educational platform.

The founding members of ATM did an extensive ground work to establish the contacts with the surrounding villages to bring them on the board. They started by providing scholarships to the needy students as the first step. With time, people recognised the noble work of the Trust and came forward to assist and help the Trust.

At the moment, the Trust manages its work under four different broad categories:
  • 1. Schooling
  • 2. Boys Hostel
  • 3. Scholarship
  • 4. Islamic School


The aim (intention) of this institution will be to improve mainly the Educational level of all students and social-economical condition of community, irrespective of any discrimination and to with work harmony, co-operative and impartiality within the jurisdiction of this institution ( Surat-Tapi-Navsari-Valsad-Dang districts).

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